Advisory Board

The Away Group draws on the wealth of knowledge and experience of some of Australia’s leading advisors in an array of related fields. Our advisors have been specifically selected for their unique skill sets, vast experience and in-depth industry insight.

Advising and working for some of Australia’s largest construction, engineering and outsourcing companies, and for a number of Australia’s highest net worth individuals and families, their invaluable wisdom and expertise continuously informs our vision and evolution, placing us ahead of our competitors.


The DraftAway production centre also serves as an Authorised Autodesk Training Centre (AATC). There they provide training in relevant software platforms including AutoCAD and Revit and adhere to Autodesk’s “Rigorous Standards of Excellence”. We also have trained teams in the use of ArchiCAD.

Leveraging the best practices of the AATC, we ensure that all our trainees demonstrate a comprehensive and in-depth understanding of the required software packages before they progress to industry-specific training, and finally, to the study of Australian standards and practices. Our multi-tiered, robust and thoroughly tested training programs have produced highly skilled and experienced drafting teams across the globe, who specialise in Australian projects. Our impressive, focused team members will provide you with the best drafting and modelling services available, ensuring that DraftAway successfully meets and exceeds your expectations every time.


Through extensive testing, DraftAway has developed and implemented a quality control process that guarantees the recurring delivery of accurate project modelling and documentation services.

Whilst our standard multi-tiered quality control process is utilised for every project, we most often customise this process to adhere to varied client and project requirements.

Our commitment to quality assurance is only further underscored by our production centre’s ISO 9001:2008 QMS accreditation and membership with NASSCOM.

Both of these memberships are dependent on satisfying external auditor conditions.