Mechanical Drafting

Our team of mechanical draftsmen provide consultants, engineers and contractors with accurate 2D and 3D mechanical drawings.

Our mechanical team are skilled and well versed in the production requirements of all mechanical models and drawings. Whether our client requires a conceptual design to be modelled from a basic sketch, or an existing drawing to be updated, our team will meet your needs.

We have provided clients with a variety of 2D and 3D mechanical related drawings and models that include:
  • Schematics
  • Sections
  • Detailing
  • Equipment Layouts
  • Installation Drawings
  • Machining Drawings
  • Bill of Materials


At DraftAway, our expert Mechanical Drafting service will save time and money on your next project. We specialise in everything from HVAC Shop Drawings to Mechanical Shop Drawings.  Read More....

Mechanical Drafting

HVAC Shop Drawings & Mechanical Shop Drawings

From HVAC shop drawings to mechanical shop drawings, at DraftAway we tailor our suite of professional mechanical drafting services specifically to the needs of your business. To ensure that your project is completed on time, our dedicated team operates outside of regular working hours.

Our mechanical drafting covers everything from basic sketches all the way through to updates on existing 2D and 3D drawings, making them perfect for engineers, contractors and consultants working across many fields.

To speak with a professional draftsman and find out more about our mechanical drafting, contact DraftAway today.

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